Family Zone Premium

Your school has partnered with Family Zone to provide you with the tools, education and support you need to create a cyber safe home. On this page you will find resources to help you get the most out of Family Zone.

Introducing Family Zone Premium

Family Zone Premium provides you with visibility and understanding of how your child is using their learning device online, outside of school.

Choosing to activate your account allows you to ensure your child is safe and focused online, manage screen time and prevent accidental exposure to inappropriate online content.

You will receive an Activation Email from Family Zone to activate your account.

Block inappropriate content

Manage screen time

Weekly activity snapshot

Social media, game and app reviews

Inappropriate content access alerts

Manage your family's cyber safety easily on the go

Download the Family Zone app on your device and select Parent.


Getting started with Family Zone Premium

A window into your child's online activity with Snapshots

How to see an overview of what happened online this week for your child.

Access detailed online usage activity

How to access regularly updated usage information to help you engage with your child's online activity.

Prevent accidental exposure to inappropriate content

How to see what your child has access to online.

Keep your child focused online

How to manage screen time.

Got a question? Need a hand?

Everything you need to know to make the most of your Family Zone Premium account is on our YouTube channel.

The latest cyber safety and Family Zone information

Join one of our online on-demand master classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has my school made Family Zone Premium mandatory?

No - the tools provided are to help you engage in conversations with your children around cyber safety, it is entirely at your discretion whether you activate your Premium account. 

Does Family Zone Premium provide content filtering?

Yes – A Premium account will provide default filtering rules that are deemed age appropriate by a cyber expert. However, the system is flexible and you can change filter settings to suit your family’s needs, or turn them off altogether.

What information can the school see?

The school has no visibility of any activity outside of school hours. Your Premium account is there to help you understand how your child uses their device online, so that you’re able to have open and informed conversations with your child to support them in their digital development.

How can I get in touch with Family Zone for more support?

We have live chat on our site at or you can visit our YouTube channel at